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    Thursday, 10 December 2015

    BEME An Awesome App


    • BEME is an absolute way to change the way social media is! Social Media is Supposed to be a  digital virtual version of actually who we are!! Instead of the fake image generally created to show off who we are!

    BEME is the new way of social a new Way to share you real life....

    •  This is how you will record the video on        BEME.

    Sharing the real thing happening.
    It works on Proximity sensor. you just need to hold you phone to you chest and it starts recording..

    • The most awesome Feature of BEME is you can only see video for only one time once you sow it.

    The video will be gone forever...

    How To Get Beme. 

    Right now you can download it from the Apple App store http://apple.co/1OjdMFR but I highly recommend waiting. This first version is still a hot mess, new version drops next week. Download it then.

    Also when you download the app it's locked. To access it you need an unlock code. I will give them out periodically on the vlog or you can get one from anyone who's already unlocked the app. This is a pain in the ass but Beme is a lot more fun when you follow people you know so we hope requiring an unlock code helps build organic communities.

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