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    Sunday, 25 December 2016

    Velas........Journey of a lifetime By Vaibav Dhuri

                    The Velas Beach, the Olive Ridleys and the Arribada Velas is a small village in Rathnagiri District of Maharashtra, India. People, who know about Nana Phadnavis, a great Indian diplomat, know about this place as his birth place. But, there is another reason that made the Velas beach into an amazing spot – The annual Velas turtle festival. So what is it? Olive Ridleys are the smallest of the sea turtles and they got their name because of their olive colored shells. Though these are the most abundant species of turtles in any ocean, they are yet classified as endangered species. Often people kill these turtles for their shells, meat and mostly for the eggs. People belonging to the shores where these turtles hatch their eggs, call the phenomenon as arribada. Arribada is the process of Olive Ridleys gathering along the seashores in thousands, to lay eggs and hatch them. There are some famous places where millions of Olive Ridleys participate in Arribada along the shores of Atlantic, Pacific and Indian oceans. One such place is Velas beach and a couple of other villages where the beach stretches. The Olive Ridleys migrate across thousands of kilometers to lay eggs on these shores every year. About 20 – 60 nests are found every year onshore Velas beach.

    ©Vaibav Dhuri 

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